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Take Me To Wonderland.
Take Me To Wonderland.
Hello! I'm Lauren. I'm 14. I'm from Ireland. Music is my life. I love food. Lady Gaga inspires me. Ed Sheeran's voice stuns me. I'm not perfect so don't expect me to be. I love anything Disney related, or anything colourful in general. I'm no model. I don't have the perfect figure, but that's the way I am and I can't change that. Being social is gay. I hope you enjoy my tumblr. You are beautiful. Have a nice day :)
"You have to be unique, and different and shine in your own way."
Nyan Cat with Rainbow
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All the best gifs come from America’s Next Top Model.


all adults do is ask me about my plans for college like don’t you want to know what my favorite color is

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Something to live by.

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I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.
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