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Take Me To Wonderland.
Take Me To Wonderland.
Hello! I'm Lauren. I'm 14. I'm from Ireland. Music is my life. I love food. Lady Gaga inspires me. Ed Sheeran's voice stuns me. I'm not perfect so don't expect me to be. I love anything Disney related, or anything colourful in general. I'm no model. I don't have the perfect figure, but that's the way I am and I can't change that. Being social is gay. I hope you enjoy my tumblr. You are beautiful. Have a nice day :)
"You have to be unique, and different and shine in your own way."
Nyan Cat with Rainbow
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when you ask ur crush who they like and they say someone else’s name and you act like you’re fine


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"i could’ve thought of that post" i mutter as i scroll through my dash

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